Strike the Right Tone in Your Self-Appraisal

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No one likes writing a self-appraisal. It’s awkward to write about yourself and difficult to strike the right balance between boasting and being humble.

When review time rolls around try doing these things:

• Emphasize your accomplishments. Don’t be arrogant but don’t downplay your successes either. Be clear about what contributions you’ve made to the business.

• Acknowledge mistakes — carefully. Put the best possible spin on problem areas, noting them as faults you want to work on and signposts for what you should do going forward.

• Keep the focus on you. It can be tempting to talk about others — especially if they’re hindering your progress — but remember this is about you. Don’t be defensive or criticize your colleagues.

Adapted from “How to Write the Dreaded Self-Appraisal” by Amy Gallo.

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