The New Flickr Is Worth Another Look


To get people interested in Flickr again, Yahoo is letting its terabytes do the talking.

The photo service, which Yahoo acquired in 2005, is now offering a whopping one terabyte of free storage, with no size limits. Users can also upload 1080p videos, up to three minutes long, counting toward the overall storage limit. A new website and Android app have launched alongside the new storage offering as well.

That’s enough to get me interested, at least. I’ve never had much use for Flickr before, but I’m taking a second look in light of Yahoo’s largess. Here’s what I’ve learned after spending the day loading old photos onto Flickr’s website by the gigabyte:

Flickr vs. Facebook vs.Google+

Your main options for storing lots of photos online–that is, more than the handful of gigabytes offered by storage services like Dropbox and SkyDrive–are Flickr, Facebook and Google+. Each service has its own benefits…

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One thought on “The New Flickr Is Worth Another Look

  1. Interesting! I did feel a little bit of the ‘overkill’ emotion that the article explains when I first logged onto the new version of Flickr. As with other changes, we will adapt to the new design.

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