Badass Of The Week

June 18, 2010 had already started out pretty miserably for Corporal Clifford Wooldridge of the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines.  Not five minutes after leaving the secure Coalition-held perimeter into enemy territory, he’d had his Humvee blown out from under him by a Taliban IED.  Slightly annoyed by this, he’d re-loaded his squad into another vehicle, which was of course then subsequently blown up by another IED (jeez, and you think you’re having a rough Friday!), and now, even though he was leading a convoy of four vehicles through a particularly Taliban-infested valley where enemy ambush was about as common as hipster mustaches at trendy downtown “dive” bars, Corporal Wooldridge was basically just happy not to have to pick twisted pieces of his vehicle’s chassis out of the soles of his combat boots.

via Badass – Clifford Wooldridge.


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