LOOK: A Wife’s Revenge Against Her Cheating Husband?

A scorned wife in North Carolina appears to have borrowed Mastercard’s “priceless” campaign in order to call out her cheating husband on a billboard in Greensboro, WGHP reports.

See on www.huffingtonpost.com


One thought on “LOOK: A Wife’s Revenge Against Her Cheating Husband?

  1. My wife Of two years, Alessa Smith, who works at Red Lobster in Tyler Tx has been cheating on me with a 73 year old man. For money. That’s right. He pays her. Upon finding out I swallowed my rage and began gathering evidence which I sent to the mans wife. I then had Hawkins Tx first everDrive Thru Divorce Sale and after pocketing the money the next event was Alessa Smiths Lying Cheating Giveaway where bags and boxes of her remaining possessions were dropped at car washes, laundry mats, and gas stations all over Town. Then I destroyed every single thing left. All the material crap she sold herself for. I used a nailgun, blowtorch and superglue and posted over a dozen youtube vids on Loraine Haley’s Revenge Channel
    Now with the technological marvel of the World Wide Web I can make certain all her friends family and coworkers hear what a sad, sordid little dirty legged whore she is. Welcome to the Information Age, Bitch

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